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Two Free Webinars in March for Labskin

This month will see the team from Labskin taking another leap into the webinar world. Following on from the success of January’s webinar ‘Alternative Testing Methods And Scalp Microbiome Research’, the team is delighted to announce the topics for the next two events to be held this March!


MARCH 24TH, 2021 @ 3PM GMT

While most of the world shut down to reduce the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, scientists, academics and industry leaders worked tirelessly to try to find solutions – medications and treatments that have helped those most severely affected, numerous vaccines in trial stages and others already with approval. “Wash your hands” reminders and hand sanitising stations at every turn are now commonplace.

Labskin understood that testing viruses to discover what products will reduce transmission via skin-to-skin and skin-to-surface contact would be challenging. Through a partnership with the University of Aberdeen, the Labskin R&D team has been working to develop a protocol for tests to prove the efficacy of soaps/sanitisers against Covid-19, and to develop an alternative to in-person Clinical Trials.

Join the team to examine the data from these studies and how the virus can be observed on Labskin’s HSE technology. Labskin’s Eric Clarke, Head of Sales, David Caballero-Lima, Head of R&D, and Nicola Kingswell, Services Manager discuss how this can assist in proving efficacy for Soaps, Hand Sanitisers and other Hygiene related products. There will be a presentation of the Protocol itself, followed by a run-through of the Labskin Remote Clinical Trials platform and how it can help in the fight against Covid.

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MARCH 31ST, 2021 @ 4PM

The skin microbiome is an exciting area, with lots of therapeutic as well as cosmetic potential. Recent scientific advances have meant that we are learning more and more about what is going on within the skin microbiome. This in turn has helped product developers understand what they need to do in order to tap into this unique ecosystem. However, a number of challenges remain regarding the true scientific integrity of the skincare industry.

Now is the time for this exciting industry to come together and harness the true scientific potential of the skin microbiome.

Labskin will introduce and discuss their Skin Trust Club – a retail-focused skin microbiome test, which will provide users with a unique understanding of their own skin microbiome, paving the way to more personalised skincare as well as the creation of a unique Microbiome oriented database.

Join representatives from Labskin, Codex Beauty, Symbiome & Phi Therapeutics, who will address the lack of scientific data in skincare, discuss how to utilize data more effectively when building claims, and explore how this can reduce the need for expensive clinical trials.

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