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Technology Review – Studying the Human Skin Microbiome Using 3D In Vitro Skin Models

Three-dimensional(3D)human skin models are an accepted part of the testing and regulatory landscape in skin related industries and their development, commercialization, and uses have been well documented. At present, there are several established commercial model systems and a multitude of academic lab-specific 3D in vitro reconstructed human skin models, all with different characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses.

Some are simple and better suited to applications such as higher throughput screening, while others are more sophisticated and capable of complex responses. In all cases the primary objective is to produce a layered cellular structure with functional barrier qualities similar to human skin. However, in no way can we claim that modern 3D in vitro reconstructed human skin models of any type provide the perfect solution to all the research requirements of skin scientists, and their limitations need to be appreciated, as no single model is ubiquitous.

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