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Personalised Skincare Based On Science

Labskin announces early sign up for a new personalised skin care service called Skin Trust Club.

Skin Trust Club allows users to access genome sequencing to understand the unique characteristics of their skin and identify skincare products and routines that suit their unique skin microbiome, delivered via an app.

We believe it’s a world first that embraces the power of the skin microbiome and science and technology to enable truly personalised skin care for everyone.

Pre-registration is open.

Developed initially as part of our remote clinical trial swab, the kit is a simple swab of the face to collect a sample of microbiota. Results are sent back to Labskin laboratories for analysis, then delivered to powerful servers where AI creates a personalised report on the skin condition and type of each user using genome sequencing, location data, UV count, weather data and air pollution data.

Complete Picture of Skin Health

When the data is combined, we get a complete picture of the user’s skin including a view of where the person lives and how this affects the skin. This picture allows AI to make recommendations on skin routines and the type of skincare products available, tailored to each user’s particular skin microbiome.

We are currently working with customers testing ideal microbiome friendly skin care products to suit particular skin types. They will be recommended by Skin Trust Club to users as part of their personalised skin care regimes.

As well as helping people feel better about their skin, Skin Trust Club will also help us learn more about skin diseases and ailments. Collecting skin microbiome data allows further development of AI-based models on all types of skin conditions. These models allow our customers, industry and research institutes to test and refine potential new treatments, without the need to test on animals.

Growing Self-Care Market

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, people across the world are becoming more used to connecting and living their daily lives remotely. This has led to an increase in at-home kits for all types of cosmetic, health, and wellness purposes. According to Data Bridge Market Research, these markets are expected to reach USD 16.02 billion by 2027 from USD 8.87 billion in 2019, at a CAGR of 6.80%.

In 2020, the sale of online skincare products has increased significantly: Face serums (+32%), face creams (+67%), face cleansers (+66%).

As the self-care market continues to grow, so will the trend of using non-toxic, microbiome friendly skincare products targeted towards healthier skin. Labskin and Skin Trust Club together with customers aim to change the way we treat our skin, and take personalised skincare and skin microbiome friendly products to the next level.