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ISO Certifications2019-08-09T15:38:09+01:00

The Labskin Data Vault runs on Amazon Web Service (AWS), exclusively in the EU Ireland region (eu-west-1).

AWS has certification for compliance with:

The AWS services that are covered under the certifications are listed here.

All AWS services used by the Labskin Data Vault are covered by the above certifications.

Compliance and Audit Trail2019-07-26T11:44:30+01:00

Data locality, retention and access can be controlled and logged for audit. An activity stream is also available for all projects that can be viewed by administrators.

Advanced Ransomware Protection2019-07-26T11:44:00+01:00

Ransomware protection detects common file names used by ransomware and responds by blocking further uploads and warning the user and administrator so action can be taken.

Cyber Identity Management2019-07-26T11:43:43+01:00

Folder level encryption and private and public key protocols allow military grade sharing of data within secure networks.

DDoS Mitigation2019-07-26T11:40:12+01:00

Availability is of paramount importance for Labskin. Labskin customers benefit from Labskin utilizing services and technologies built from the ground up to provide resilience in the face of DDoS attacks.

A combination of AWS services are used to implement a defense in depth strategy and thwart DDoS attacks. Services designed with an automatic response to DDoS help minimize time to mitigate and reduce impact.

Infrastructure Security2019-07-26T11:40:42+01:00

Labskin provides several security capabilities and services to increase privacy and control network access. These include:

  • Network firewalls built into Labskin, and web application firewall capabilities in WAF let you create private networks, and control access to your instances of your data.
  • Customer-controlled encryption in transit with TLS across all services.
  • Connectivity options that enable private, or dedicated, connections from your office or on-premises environment.
  • Automatic encryption of all traffic on the global and regional networks between secured facilities.