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Labskin’s In Vitro Human Skin Model

3D human skin models are the latest tool in non-animal testing for the skincare and cosmetic markets. Human synthetic skin models are the most physiologically comparable to natural human skin testing methods available, with the added benefit of being cruelty-free to animals.

Labskin’s human skin model is a laboratory-grown, full thickness skin test platform that creates new collagen production and shows the impact to the skins’ microflora balance from cosmetic, wound, pharma and skincare.

How Does It Work?

Tests are carried out on living skin tissue that is populated by natural skin microflora. The good and bad bacteria that naturally exists on human skin is present on Labskin™ when testing a skincare, cosmetics, healthcare, drug delivery or woundcare product.

The Human skin equivalent testing procedures allow fo fr topical application and skin irritancy testing for a variety of cosmetic, skin care and daily use household and industrial products.

These 3D models can be adapted to mimic different types of skin bacteria or skin microflora on skin, enabling dermo-cosmetic product manufacturers to test each ingredient for efficacy and prove the medical claims they wish to include for their product.

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A member of the Labskin team can tell you more about our unique full-thickness human skin model and validated testing platform.

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  • Anti-fungal claims i.e Anti-Dandruff
  • Anti Ageing claims
  • Protective Barrier claims
  • Pre & Pro Biotic claims
  • Immune Response
  • Transdermal delivery of pharmaceutical compounds
  • HPV/HIV and other virus tests

What else do we offer?

Clinical testing of a product must be carried out over a certain period of time to show how continued use can affect the skin. Labskin™ on a chip is the provision of continuous monitoring of changes in the test environment which can indicate the impact of the substance being tested. This provides real-time data for faster results analysis.

Labskin™ certification validates and confirms to customers that they are buying a product that has been tested to bring their skin microbiome back into balance.

Animal Free Testing

Cruelty-free skin testing on animals for skincare and cosmetic products has been banned since 2009. In 2013 the EU reinforced the regulation by banning the testing on animals in the case of skincare product ingredients also. This made sure every brand owner and manufacturer had to ensure all their products and ingredients were tested ethically with no links to animal testing.

The United States has been behind the EU in enforcing non-animal testing regulations, however while their regulations in the past were not as stringent, this is now changing due to pressure from massive organisations such as PETA and Cruelty-Free International along with Governments around the world.

China is one of the last countries to make these changes. Up to now all products are required by law to have been tested on animals to be allowed into the Chinese market but new trials are underway to change these laws. With it will come a multitude of brands, companies and manufacturers looking for new ethical and non-animal testing procedures for their products.

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