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Labskin Sponsors and Presents at the 2nd Asia Skin Microbiome Conference

March 2nd and March 3rd 2021 will bring Skin Microbiome experts together virtually for the 2nd Asia Skin Microbiome Conference.

Co-hosted with the Agency of Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and Skin Research Institute of Singapore (SRIS), this virtual event will promote understanding and reciprocal benefits of the latest scientific and business developments in skin microbiome research.

Attracting over 150 experts from Asia, Europe and US, this 2-day event will highlight cutting edge research, commercialization, and business case studies through presentations and a panel discussion, a virtual exhibition filled with solution providers showcasing their products, and ample networking opportunities promoting interactions and business reach.

This congress includes both scientific and commercial interests with topics ranging from host-microbe interaction, skin disease, emerging technologies, interventional and cosmetic advancements, and regulatory considerations.

Eric Clarke, Head of Sales & David Caballero-Lima, Head of R&D will present on Tuesday 2nd March at 12.40pm (GMT +8).

Microbiome Clinical/In-Vitro Hybrid Trials For The Post Covid-19 Era

The safety issues to consider during the Covid-19 pandemic has made it difficult to get ethics approval for non-COVID-19 clinical trials. Additionally, the lack of volunteers willing to participate in those trials have added to the problem. Labskin has been developing Remote Clinical Trials – a “hybrid trial” in which cosmetics and other topical products can be tested using the Labskin model in combination with skin microbiomes from volunteers.

The effect of the products on the Skin and the microbiome can be assessed by isolating the subject microbiome and using Next Generation Sequencing as in a classic clinical trial, or by a combination of this test with the same test carried out on the Labskin model colonised with a volunteer’s microbiome. This allows the replication of data and the combination of several end-points from the clinic and the laboratory. Most importantly the Labskin unique IT technology has been designed to follow the subjects in their own homes and document the findings in a complete and secure way.

To learn more about the Labskin Remote Clinical Trials please click here. To contact the team please email