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Labskin presents “The Science for CBD Product Compliance” at the Hemp & CBD Expo 2019, Birmingham, UK

Our message at the CBD Expo, simplified, was “Labskin is the science for CBD product compliance!”. Labskin will offer CBD brands verifiable scientific data that backs up product claims without the cost of hiring a full-time microbiologist and major capital investment in a microbiology laboratory.

September has been a busy month for the Labskin team! Fresh off the plane from San Diego, USA, where we attended the Microbiome Movement Conference on skin health & dermatology to present on advances in our AI technology, we went to Birmingham, UK to take part in the 2nd Hemp & CBD Expo. Labskin presented on product claims and regulation for CBD companies and brands entering the European market. Paul Ryan, Chief Business Development Officer, and David Caballero-Lima, Services Manager, attended the weekend expo.

Day One – Saturday 14.9.19

The first day featured meetings with CBD manufacturers looking to bring CBD-infused cosmetic and skincare products to market. CBD, or Cannabidiol, is legally permitted in the UK and Europe once it adheres to the legal requirements (i.e. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) levels are less than 0.2%). CBD derived from the marijuana flower or bud remains classified as an illegal substance in most EU countries, while CBD derived from stems, leaves or seeds is permitted under EU law for use in skincare and cosmetic products.

Testing these products and substantiating claims is becoming a priority now for many of the CBD companies Labskin spoke with over the weekend. New regulations (for example Rule 21 of EU MDR 2017/745) specify that all products that are absorbed into the skin are now classified as a Medical Device and face strict clinical testing and proof of efficacy. So planned CBD products will require evidence of compliance.

Day Two – Sunday 15.9.19

Paul and David held a presentation on the Business Pro stage where they further detailed the regulations involved, offering solutions to CBD companies who require their products to be tested.

Paul summarised the EU Cosmetics Regulations (EU Reg 1223/2009) and the EU Medical Devices Regulations (EU MDR 2017/745) as to how these regulations impact what manufacturers and brand owners are permitted to claim and what is required by law to prove those claims.

Paul gave a full explanation of what Labskin can offer to these companies, detailing both the ethical and financial benefits. Animal testing is eradicated using our technology, which is a standard that is now expected to roll out worldwide.

With the presentation complete, Paul and David continued networking with manufacturers and researchers.