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Labskin Presenting at Microbiome & Business Collaboration Congress.

Labskin is presenting at the 6th Microbiome R&D & Business Collaboration Congress & 5th Probiotics & Prebiotics Congress: Asia taking place in Taipei on 26th – 27th March 2020.

Over two days 50+ presentations will be given at the 2020 Asia meeting, featuring the latest microbiome discoveries, novel research and development trends, as well as exploring effective business and commercialisation strategies that translate findings into viable products through collaborative partnerships and funding opportunities.

With a focus on the microbiome in health and disease, the meeting moves beyond the gut microbiome to also explore developments in skin microbiome research, women’s health and the oral/respiratory microbiome.

The agenda in brief:

  • Microbiome discoveries
  • Tools and techniques for studying the microbiome
  • Microbiome in health and disease
  • Outside the gut
  • Probiotics discovery and R&D
  • Prebiotics and diet
  • A commercial perspective of microbiome & business considerations and regulation

Labskin recently announced a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Bradford University in the United Kingdom to further develop the Labskin human skin equivalent model with pigmentation. The project gives Labskin access to melanocyte cell expertise in Bradford’s Skin Sciences Centre to develop the world’s first commercially available pigmented full thickness skin model. This will allow cosmetic tone matching applications, but also be a pathfinder project to enable future UV protection and drug effect studies.

Labskin is proud to be a sponsor and speaker at the congress, which provides an excellent opportunity to connect with current and future customers and partners in the rapidly growing Asian market.

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