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Labskin Launches “Microbiome-Friendly+ Seal of Approval” Certification

Labskin is delighted to launch a new standard for the beauty industry. The Microbiome-Friendly+ Seal Of Approval certification is now on offer to all Labskin partners and clients.

Through extensive Labskin testing, products that maintain the skin microbiome when used for cosmetic purposes may be certified with the Microbiome Friendly+ Seal of Approval stamp.

Labskin have been pioneering the development of a laboratory grown human skin platform for more than 15 years and is the only commercially available lab-grown full thickness human skin model that is capable of hosting the skin’s microbiome. The Labskin test platform and protocols provide global consumer health and skincare clients an optimum real-world environment for testing new ingredients and existing skincare products, showing the positive or negative impact on skin’s natural microflora.

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Seal of Approval

The microbiome is a key first line of defence for the human body against the environment. It acts as a physical barrier preventing invasion from foreign pathogens whilst modulating our immune defences.

It is therefore important that the normal skin microbiome is left intact and unchanged by any product we put on our skin, particularly creams and serums that are used daily or for protracted amounts of time. Damage to the skin microbiome can lead to an imbalance and issues with skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, etc.

The new seal of approval certifies a product’s neutral effect on the skin’s microbiome, confirming that the tested formulation leaves the levels and composition of the microbiome intact, thus maintaining the skin’s flora’s natural balance. The seal of approval can be used by approved brands on packaging and for marketing purposes.

The new Labskin Microbiome-Friendly+ Seal of Approval is an essential standard the skincare industry has been lacking. It will provide consumers with the necessary knowledge to trust in what they are putting on their skin. Whilst for many the term microbiome is relatively new, its importance in the look, feel and quality of the natural skin barrier is critical.

Full Thickness, 3D Skin Model

During our Microbiome-Friendly+ Test, a replica of the human skin’s microbiome is used to colonise our full thickness, 3d skin model to simulate the bacteria-host interactions in a controlled and reproducible way. The test product is then applied and the Labskin units incubated for the appropriate amount of time.

The effects of the product are then assessed and compared with an untreated control.

A product’s microbiome friendly status is classified as the product causing no significant change on the levels of the microbiome colonising the Labskin and any such product is awarded Labskin’s Microbiome-Friendly+ Seal of Approval. The Seal of Approval certifies a product’s little or no effect on the skin’s microbiome, confirming that the tested product left the levels and composition of the microbiome intact thus maintaining the skin flora’s natural balance.

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