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Book a Meeting with Labskin @ InCosmetics Virtual Conference 2020

This Autumn the Labskin Team will be presenting and attending the InCosmetics Virtual Conference from the 6th to 8th October.

Paul Ryan Chief, Business Development Officer, Alex Chapman, Head of Operations, and Eric Clarke, Senior Business Development Manager will be attending the conference and will present at 4pm on the 8th. The event brings together key sectors of the cosmetics industry to learn from one another and work together to further grow and create new business opportunities.

The team will present the “Labskin Remote Clinical Trials” platform for the first time.

The Labskin Remote Clinical Trials platform is an innovative method of conducting clinical skin research and product testing. It combines the Labskin lab-grown 3D skin models and Labskin’s ability to harvest and replicate a volunteers’ microbiome with proven technologies such as online video engagement, document and workflow management to create timely and cost-effective trials that are safer for participants, researchers and administration staff.

There will be a live Q&A session immediately after the presentation, while the presentation itself will include further details on:

  • How Covid-19 has changed the testing landscape
  • Labskin Virtual Labs
  • Testing protocol and examples of tests available
  • Benefits of Remote Clinical Trials

To book a meeting with Paul, Alex or Eric at the InCosmetics Virtual conference please complete the registration form below and we will be in touch to confirm.

Learn more about our Remote Clinical Trials, the Labskin 3D skin model, and our AI technology.