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Microbiome Movement Event – Skin-health & Dermatology, 4 – 6 Sept, San Diego, CA.

Labskin will be presenting at Microbiome Movement 2019. It is the 2nd annual conference on Skin Health and Dermatology.

The mission for the Microbiome Movemen conference is to: “Build a Collaborative forum that unites forward-thinking academic, dermatological and cosmetic researchers; and lay out the foundational framework around the unique scientific and transformational challenges involved in developing and commercialising solutions that modify the skin microbiome to treat disease (therapeutics) or support overall skin health (cosmetics).”

If you would like to meet us at the Microbiome Movement in September please get in touch here.

As knowledge of the microbiome deepens across scientific institutions and industries, collaboration becomes vital to ensure that commercially successful products can be brought to market.

This year’s summit encapsulates the critical scientific challenges and opportunities shared by microbiome based cosmetic and therapeutic product developers. It has been designed with skin microbiome experts from MatriSys BioScience, Quorum Innovations, Viome, L’Oreal, Oriflame Cosmetics, Unilever and academics from all over the world, and Labskin is proud to be a sponsor and speaker at the event.

This is a perfect opportunity for Labskin to connect with current and future customers and partners.

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