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Labskin Announces Expansion of Laboratories for 2021

Labskin is delighted to announce the expansion of the laboratories at the Labskin HQ in York Biotech Campus, York, UK.

New Health and Safety procedures are to be implemented in the coming months, which will enable Labskin to have 2 Containment Level 3 (CL3) labs along with our existing laboratory space. The addition of these CL3 laboratories will create a Centre of Excellence that the Labskin R&D team will have full access to. This major improvement is the culmination of the successful handling of SARS-CoV-2 in the Strength in Places project that Labskin is involved in, alongside the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and Unilever.

The Strength in Places project will see Labskin expand the Covid-19 related testing services available to clients – for example: soaps, handwashes & hand sanitisers to be tested for effectiveness against Covid-19 and other infectious diseases and pathogens.

The launch of the Skin Trust Club in the coming weeks will also benefit from the expanded laboratory space.

On March 24th the Labskin team will host a webinar, during which the results from the last 3 months on Covid-19 related testing will be presented. Future collaborations and projects will be discussed alongside data on how Sars-CoV-2 can be seen on Labskin 3D skin models and utilised for product testing.

For further information please email Registration for the webinar will open next week, if you have any questions you would like the team to cover in their Q+A session please email them to Louise Doyle.