What is Labskin AI?
Labskin, being the first and only laboratory grown human skin environment to manage the native microflora, is using AI to trawl through known datasets to identify the microorganisms that populate the healthy skin types. These reflect a balanced microbiome for normal skin – just like the good bacteria in your gut.

Similar datasets provide access to the composition of microbial communities (bacteria), associated with diseased skin, such as eczema, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. Suffering from any of these, means that your skin’s microbiome is out of balance.

Labskin AI testing platforms provide clients with an ability to test their pre and pro-biotic beauty products, giving them the unique competitive advantage to claim their product does not cure, but brings the microbiome back into balance, validated by Labskin pre and pro-biotic beauty certification.

Does your skin need bacteria to heal itself?
Skin is your body’s largest organ and provides protection against the outside world. It changes throughout the day, season and as you age. Good bacteria on your skin is under constant attack from harmful bacteria in the environment.

To avoid aging, infection and disease, getting the right balance is critical to your good health and good skin. Getting the balance wrong leads to attacks of age, infection and disease. This is no different to managing the good and bad bacteria in your gut.

The greatest advances, in skin care treatment, are in understanding the microbiome – knowing what is, and is not working on your skin to support this important barrier for your body.


Lifelike Habitat

Only product with ability to grow microflora that provides a lifelike environment for the study of personal care and cosmeceutical products

Avoid Regulation

Only product to support harmful bacteria that cause dandruff and acne. Best testing platform for antimicrobial products, such as anti-dandruff,
anti-fungal and anti-acne treatments.

Human Skin Behaviour

Closely resembles human skin behaviour. Extended Life Cycle. Acts as a barrier to prevent entry of harmful substances and loss of water from the body.

New Collagen

Only product grown in a fibrin-rich environment compared to the collagen-rich environment of its competitors. This allows for the quantification of new collagen production.


Animal Free - 3D Human Skin

Independently verified, fully validated testing protocols of your skincare, healthcare or cosmetic formulation on Labskin’s “3D Human Skin Equivalent”, without the need for animal testing

Certified Technician Courses

Certification in a 2-day workshop at the Labskin Laboratories. Only qualified Labskin certified technicians can display the Labskin Certification Standard to market and promote their product claims.

Product Marketing Benefits

Labskin certification provides independent, third-party, verification of product claims, fully tested on 3D laboratory-grown human skin equivalent. Clients can stand over the marketing claims made on their products as clinically tested, certified to the highest testing standards for the cosmetic, skincare, haircare and wound care treatments.

Done For You Services
  • Complete test protocols by qualified Labskin Certified personnel who carry out a range of tests for all skin types (normal, oily, dry, mixed, acne, eczema, dandruff, wound repair, hypo-allergenic, etc.);
  • Report certification standards (based on a variety of skin tests for anti-aging, anti-dandruff, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal or ethnicity)
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

Clinically Validated Tests on
Lab-Grown Human Skin

Supervised Clinical Test Protocols

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