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A Re-Imagined Look at Skin Model Testing – Q&A with Labskin


The Labskin model was created by a group of microbiologists at the University of Leeds to study the skin human microbiota and the microbial/host interaction in a controlled environment. Labskin has unique features, including its improved barrier function, dry surface and the expression of antimicrobial peptides which allow the colonization of the model with skin microbiome. We use these defining characteristics to develop methods for testing ingredients and formulations on the microbial community on Labskin.

A Re-Imagined Look at Skin Model Testing – Q&A with Labskin2020-10-13T14:39:52+01:00

Labskin @ InCosmetics Virtual Conference


This Autumn the Labskin Team will be presenting and attending the InCosmetics Virtual Conference from the 6th to 8th October.

Labskin @ InCosmetics Virtual Conference2020-10-01T14:52:58+01:00

Topical Prebiotics for a Balanced Skin Microbiome. Is There Scientific Evidence?


Prebiotics and probiotics effect on human health and disease is a current issue that has aroused much interest in the scientific and industrial community. The development of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) which allows, among other exciting things, the study of the entire microbial community (the microbiome) of any given place has provided an additional way to investigate how prebiotics and probiotics work.

Topical Prebiotics for a Balanced Skin Microbiome. Is There Scientific Evidence?2020-10-13T14:42:38+01:00

Labskin at Microbiome Connect: Skin 2020


A Labskin team is participating in the Microbiome Connect: Skin 2020 online conference this week. This event, planned to take place in Boston originally, was moved online due to Covid-19 travel restrictions.

Labskin at Microbiome Connect: Skin 20202020-06-08T10:09:44+01:00

Labskin Secures Access to the Sars-Cov-2 Virus


Labskin secures access to the Sars-Cov-2 virus to assess its impact on human skin without exposing human volunteers to dangerous clinical trial contamination risk.

Labskin Secures Access to the Sars-Cov-2 Virus2020-06-09T17:08:09+01:00

Microbiome Connect: Skin USA


Building on the hugely successful global Skin Microbiome series which brought together over 600 industry leaders from Pharmaceutical, Beauty and Personal Care, Independent Skincare Brands, Bio-techs, Researchers and Academics, Kisaco Research presents Microbiome Connect: Skin USA, an all-encompassing virtual event, running June 3 - 5.

Microbiome Connect: Skin USA2020-05-28T14:20:59+01:00