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Labskin’s Fibrin Gel matrix is the only commercially available laboratory-grown full thickness human skin test platform that creates new collagen production and shows the impact on your skin’s microflora balance of cosmetic and skin care products. 

Specifically developed animal-cruelty-free test solution to host harmful skin bacteria which allows the introduction of toxins, bacteria, viruses, and other foreign substances that trigger an immune response.

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Product Claim Test Services

Bronze Claims

Confirmation of beneficial effects on a range of skin care products or ingredients on human skin. Maintains a balance of skin Microflora for healthier and better-looking skin

Silver Claims

All the claims of the previous Bronze Labskin tests plus Confirmed Anti-Aging effect for younger looking skin with the ability to maintain and transform skin into a more balanced state

Gold Claims

All the previous claims of the Silver Labskin tests plus Gene expression results beyond confirmation of pro-collagen production with quantifiable multiple Anti-Aging markers

Product Test Services


Can you prove your skin care product formulation or cosmetic ingredients actually do what you claim they do?

Skin Irritation

Cosmetics and healthcare companies tests across a range of exposed and soft tissue, human skin areas


Protective ability against dehydration, environmental factors, and pro-collagen  production affirmation

UV Protection

Ultra Violet exposure and damage. The beneficial effects of Sun Protection Factor (SPF) products

Microflora Protection

Ability to show the beneficial effect and impact of product formulation or ingredients on Microflora of the skin

Anti Microbial

For products that help with skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, or avoiding damage to skin

Anti Fungal/Dandruff

Non-Animal product testing to determine the immediate and residual treatment for skin fungus and dandruff

Skin Barrier

Cosmetics and cleaning product companies wishing  to apply tests on skins natural protective layer

Pre / Pro Biotics

Cosmetic companies and ingredient suppliers testing efficacy both in and out of formulation

Immune Response

Cosmetic and cleaning product companies seeking to test products on skins’ natural protective abilities

Drug Delivery

Companies wishing to test topical drug delivery or foreign substance through the natural skin barrier

Wound Healing

Wound care companies wishing to test product treatment and dressings of infected incision wounds

Labskin Testimonials

Microbiology & Virology

Labskin was cultured for several weeks and retained its histological structure. I was very impressed by the willingness to accommodate special requests, including custom modification of the Labskin for my specific application Professor Ron Goldstein

Microbiology and Virology, Bar-llan University, Tel Aviv, Israel

Molecular and Cellular Biology

The use of your Labskin model is very good. The model revealed as very useful for our application and very predictive. For sure we will continue to use it in our future studies. Daniela Pinto PhD

Researcher, Giuliana Pharma, Milan, Italy

Microflora Protection

Labskin is an ideal 3D model to carry out microbiology experiments. Its large surface area enables me easy measuring of physical quantities and getting enough amount for protein analysis Itaru Dekio

Consultant Dermatologist, Mildix Skin Clinic, Tokyo, Japan

Your Unfair Advantage

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